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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Lofty Words

Some people are dreamers, living lives that blur reality with imagination, and memory with construct. I am such a person and it has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. I can visualize things easily; I have no problem hoping, supposing and living my life theoretically. But, I can also turn my head from pressing, tangible problems expecting, without precedent or proof, that life with be better tomorrow.

Are you a dreamer? You’ll know you are if, like me, your night-time dreams are so vivid and interesting that you are tempted to purchase a ticket and bring popcorn to your night stand before you go to sleep. In addition to awesome nocturnal experiences, a dreamer usually has an easy time visualizing and imagining what might be, sometimes glazing over reality in the process. For this reason, she might have a messy desk, or house, because she can picture what it would look like clean and therefore doesn’t need it to be that way to have the experience.

As a dreamer, I often ‘see’ things when I meditate and last fall, while sitting in quiet contemplation, I had an intriguing visual pop into my head of a wise being placing its hand over mine helping me write. In the image, the ‘helping hand’ was a pure white energy holding a white feather quill. It put its hand over mine and I interpreted that as ‘I’ll be with you when you write’ or ‘I’ll help guide your words.’

That was a cool thing to picture, and since I entered the meditation asking for assistance with writing, I was very pleased and reassured by that image.

I told my family about it and at Christmas my sons gave me a present of a white feathered pen.   It was very much like the one in my meditation. I put the pen on my desk and I only write with it when I am journaling and trying to connect to my deep inner thoughts, or when I am writing something that relates to providing service or guidance to others. I feel like it is a special instrument and I reserve it for sacred things. 

My Feather Pen and Journal


I’m having so much fun with it!

A feather pen is a very cool thing to write with!

The air catches the plume when it moves toward the page and it feels lifted even as I lower it to the paper, like someone else is bringing it to the page at their timing, not mine. When I write with it, because the feather resists the air at surprising moments, it adds to the illusion that more than one person is guiding the pen.

I’m finding it an awesome tool and I thought I would tell you about it because fellow dreamers might like how, due to its aerodynamics and its old world look, it feels like it brings a bit of the magic and flourish to the ordinary act of writing, but non dreamers might find it useful too.

Those who have a hard time believing that when they journal for self-discovery they are tapping into something special and sacred, might find that a feather pen gives enough of a physical effect to nudge them into a more receptive, lofty and open state.

If the fresh year is already starting to feel mundane to you, with its realities and everyday pressures, why not get a feather pen and bring some old world charm and inspiration to your desk and writing. At the very least it will be some whimsical fun, and as long as you refrain from wearing white face paint and a large Elizabethan collar (or Harry Potter glasses and a wizard’s hat) while you use it, no one should think you odd.

Yours in whimsy,


Teflon Gorgeous

Happy New Year! If you’ve yet to be kissed into 2012, let me offer you a warm, smooching welcome to a year that could, if you like, be Teflon Gorgeous.

What is Teflon Gorgeous, you might ask. It’s a term I came up with for a feeling I’ve been having, a feeling that has been such a blessing in my life that I thought I would share it with those of you who are poised and ready to make some changes now, during the infant months of the year.

Teflon Gorgeous describes how I’ve been feeling ever since I did some emotional surrender work this fall, and aligned with the concept that EVERYTHING, every single event that occurs in life, pleasant or unpleasant, convenient or inconvenient, happy or tragic, is correct.

Byron Katie calls this notion ‘loving what is’. Joseph Campbell called it, ‘joyfully participating in the sorrows of the world’. Abraham-Hicks would say, ‘it’s post-manifestational awareness of the law of attraction’. Christians say ‘God works in mysterious ways,’ and I’m sure many other sages and spiritual teachings have expressions for it as well, but it boils down to the idea that there is some order behind our experience and that trusting what that order brings, or at least not fighting it, is advised.

It is a concept that I have intellectually understood for years. It’s easy enough, right? It simply says, ‘accept life exactly as it is, that your experiences are somehow serving you even when you can’t see it.’

But as with everything, understanding and execution are two very different things. I might understand how to shoot a basketball through a hoop, but it doesn’t mean I can do it. I might know what it takes to learn a new language but that’s no guarantee I’ll choose those actions. So although for decades I understood this idea of ‘everything is as it should be’, it took me 44 years of living to implement it on a daily basis.

What was standing in my way, I think, were a lot of old emotions. I believe this to be true, because when I finally let them go in a huge outpouring this fall, I was able, for the first time, to fully relax into this idea beautifully expressed by Max Ehrmann in Desiderata, that “no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should,” even the minute details of my own life.

So now when one of my sons misses the school bus on a morning when I don’t feel I can afford the time to drive him in, I no longer get annoyed; I simply get curious. “I wonder what this is about,” I ask myself as I go with the unexpected disruption. Curiosity has been an amazing substitution for agitation and annoyance. Many times, while in this open state of wonder, I noticed that the very circumstances that at first seemed out of sync with my plans actually solved a problem for me, or brought me into contact with someone I needed to see.

Like being coated with Teflon, this curious and open response helps problems to ‘not stick’ to me and the result is that life feels Gorgeous, guided and perfect, even when, at first, it looks uncooperative.

I have some thoughts about why an emotional release was necessary for me to adopt this new outlook, but I think I’ll leave that for another time. For now it is enough for me to know that faithful curiosity is a beautiful response that makes life happier, easier and more peaceful, and that practising it is just a matter of dropping judgement and trusting life.

So here in the early days of the year, let me just say that if I could wish you one thing for 2012, I would wish you the ability to embrace all reality with wonder. I would wish your life to be Teflon Gorgeous.

Happy 2012!



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