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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Wait Three Days

Through the miracle of shared recall I’m going to put a tune into your mind, and if you’re like me, once it’s there you’ll be singing it all day to yourself. Do you remember the song, Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando and Dawn? If you grew up with it, as I did, or if it’s in your past at all, it should already be playing in your head.

If not, here’s a link so you’ll know what I’m talking about:

 Knock Three Times

The video quality is a little gritty, but then so is my memory so this keeps us on even footing.

Now that we both have this catchy ditty running through our minds, I will tell you that I was a bit grumpy and negative this morning, as we all can get from time to time. And when we do get like this, each of us has a unique set of thoughts that surface. Thoughts that are not productive and that contain just enough truth to make them believable.

My thoughts were, “Oh what’s the point to anything! We’re all going to die eventually; does anything I do actually matter–probably not!” That’s a go-to thought for me. One that’s designed to keep my grump on, because circulating that group of thoughts zaps my enthusiasm for just about anything.

Then I remembered (and good thing I did) my remedy for these moments. Here are the steps I use to combat a negative state of mind:

1)  I notice that I’m having unproductive, negative thoughts.

2)  I ask myself what I’ve been ingesting recently. (Turns out it was chocolate bunnies and alcohol.)

3)  If I’ve been eating well, (I hadn’t been) I ask myself if I have recently let myself down, for example backed down from a challenge, or broken a promise to myself. (If I’ve been eating well and thinking negatively, I usually find that self-betrayal of this nature kicked off the funk.)

4)  Then I remedy the problem discovered in step number 3. I recommit to good nutrition and/or I face that challenge I avoided, and I stay on this path for a minimum of three days.

5)  After 3 days, I revisit my state of mind. Guess what, it has improved.

What I have learned over time and experience is that the mind is tricky and can’t always be trusted to give you the truth. Instead of accurately reflecting reality, the mind often looks for thoughts to explain the mood the body is experiencing. If the body is feeling down because it has been processing sugar and alcohol, then the mind might interpret that most things are pointless, as my mind tried to convince me.

If the spirit is dejected because it feels thwarted by our inability to support its desires, i.e., we chickened out of applying for that job, or we didn’t tell the truth about not wanting to do something, the body also feels low, and again, the mind looks for explanations.

The best thing to do, at least from my experience, is to correct whatever is making the body feel down and to revisit what the mind has to say later. And this is where Tony Orlando and Dawn come in.

Do you still have the tune in your head? Here are some alternate lyrics to help you remember to not engage a negative thought pattern. This is a rewrite of the chorus.


Wait Three Days

Oh my darlin’/wait three days/you’ll be thinking better then dear.

Oh oh, feed yourself well/ and face all of those fears.

Oh my sweet thing/wait three days/you’ll be thinking better then dear.

Simply honour yourself/and soon your mind will clear.

Tell me that didn’t just shove any negative thoughts right out of your head! I find it helpful, except that when using this song as a reminder to ‘snap out of it’ there can be an overwhelming urge to stand up and do The Slosh.

Just to clarify for you young readers, The Slosh is a dance and not a drinking binge! : )




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