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The Art of Astrology

Astrology is an ancient art that has existed for well over 4000 years and involves the study of the celestial bodies as they relate to human affairs. There are many disciplines and branches of astrological study, but the astrology that you will find on this website is Western Natal Astrology which pertains to personality, personal rhythms and the psychodynamic unfolding of individual potential as it is revealed in a birth chart.

In-depth natal astrology is an extremely complex and interesting subject. It can be very illuminating and helpful for people seeking personal growth and those who are having growth thrust upon them. Natal astrology addresses questions such as, what are my talents, where do I tend to trip myself up and why, how can I make sense of the circumstances that currently face me, is there a larger context or pattern to my current unfolding?

Ultimately astrology, as it is practiced here, is about understanding not only who you are, but how you got to this point in your development and where it all may lead. To explore astrological topics in more depth, please check out the Astrology Blog. If you’re interested in what astrology has to say about your life, please see the Personal Consultation page.