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Private Consultation

Let’s Talk About You!

An astrological consultation is a great way to gain new perspective on your life, your circumstances and your potential.  It’s ideal during times of transition or when you begin to feel the pull of personal growth.  If you’re a soul seeker who strives for deep self-knowledge, an astrological session can further illuminate and expand your understanding of your own rhythms, cycles, personality and purpose.

In order for a session to be arranged you MUST have your birth information which includes the date, time and location of your birth.  Rather than relying on memory, it is worth the effort to search for a recorded birth time as the chart calculations are very time sensitive.


What I can expect when I book a session?

The sessions are held in York Region, Ontario, so if you’re local we select a time to meet.  You email your birth information and the chart is prepared.  Before you arrive, have an idea about what areas of your life you’d like most to discuss. During the session you will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions. The appointment, which lasts approximately an hour, is recorded and burned to a CD so it’s not necessary to take notes, although if you’d like to take notes, that is welcome.

What is covered in the session?

If you’re having an initial consultation we will cover all of the fundamental information that can be gleaned from the chart about your life, your personality, your talents, your struggles, how you might best work with your gifts and what might ease any areas of tension in your life.  We’ll look at the cycles that you are currently experiencing and we’ll discuss how to flow best with them.  We will also look at upcoming cycles and discuss how they relate to your unfolding.

If you’re having a follow up session we will delve deeper into areas of the chart that relate to what you are currently experiencing.  We will often go back through your life and examine other times that have contributed to the circumstances that are now unfolding.  We will look for repeating patterns and for indicators of the psychological origins of any current cycles.  We will also project ahead approximately 12 months and discuss upcoming cycles that may be important to you.

What if I’m not local or just can’t meet in person?

If meeting in person is not possible due to geography or other constraints, an absentee session can be arranged.  During the absentee readings, the chart is prepared and the interpretation is recorded straight to CD and mailed to you.

Will an absentee session be as good as an in-person session?

There are benefits to each type of session.  When you have the reading in person, you have the opportunity to interact and ask questions as they occur to you.  Also questions can be asked of you in order to clarify and refine the information being given.  So in that sense, you get more opportunity to direct where the session goes according to what is important to you.

In the absentee session, you can give a general idea of the areas you’d like covered when you book the session, but are unable to interact with the reading as it is being recorded.  This means that the information you are getting is pure and uninterrupted and has a greater likelihood of speaking to relevant situations that you might not have asked about.  If you do have questions after listening to the CD, you are welcome to email them for a response.

It’s important to remember that the quality of the session is determined not by your presence but by the accuracy of your birth time.

What does it cost?

Initial Consultation:  $145 taxes included.

Follow up Reading:   $110 taxes included.

All readings are recorded to CD and you will get a copy of your chart with either session.

Can I get an astrology reading as a gift?

Gift certificates are available for either initial or follow up readings.

How do I proceed if I would like to book a session?

Simply send an email to expressing your desire for a consultation.