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Bridge Letters

Definition:  A method of gaining personal closure by receiving healing messages from an indirect source.

Closure.  How can you get closure when you need action from another that is not forthcoming?  How do you forgive without an apology?  How do you release pain when others don’t acknowledge that pain was inflicted?  How do you gain the acceptance of someone who is deceased?  How do you move on when you’re waiting for something to happen, and that something, for whatever reason, simply cannot occur?

These are the questions that prompted the creation of the Bridge Letters.

So often people get stuck in their healing because they are waiting for things that will never arrive, acknowledgements from people who don’t appreciate, validations from people who are incapable of extending approval, apologies from people who don’t know what they did and how it affected you, or people who know what they did but who, through their nature or circumstances, cannot make amends.

So many times when we get hurt, ignored, misused, wronged, or taken for granted we assume that the person who inflicted the pain or neglected us is the person who must rectify the situation.  But, as is usually the case, a person who inflicts pain or trauma is very unlikely to be a person adept at emotional remedies and healing actions.  Waiting for that person to ‘make things right’ is like getting into a car crash and expecting the driver of the other vehicle to do the bodywork on your car.  It’s like getting your teeth punched out and walking around toothless until your assailant steps up and does the cosmetic dentistry necessary to restore your smile.

The Bridge Letters is a way of triggering your emotional and spiritual healing by having you interact in a dynamic way with restorative messages that speak directly to these stuck issues.  The Bridge Letters are composed from a healing state of mind that taps into uplifting and moving vibrations of love, acceptance, understanding, acknowledgement, support and forgiveness. The messages are called Bridge Letters because they are designed to help you cross the chasm that separates you from the healing that you seek.

Bridge Letters are for those who are ready to release stuck pain and soothe old wounds, those who have the spiritual willingness to receive their healing regardless of its source, because love, is love, is love, no matter where it comes from.