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Good News About Bridge Letters

Now the Bridge Letters Come in Two Versions

…to fit all budgets!

A few people have mentioned that they are interested in trying The Bridge Letters because the idea of releasing trapped emotions is intriguing to them, but that because it’s new to them, they’d like a ‘try it and see’ price. For this reason, we created The Bridge Letters Basic.

It’s a basic version of the original kit and contains all the same customized tools to work you through the process of accessing and releasing old emotions, just without the bells and whistles. So, if you’ve been waiting to try the new Bridge Letter Apology and Release Kit, there’s never been a better time. The original Deluxe Kit is still available and includes an additional handcrafted keepsake folder, perfect for displaying or for gifting. So if you suspect you could benefit from the Bridge Letters but have been hesitating, based on price, now’s the time to act.

I really hope that if this process speaks to you, that you give it a try.

Basic Kit contains all the same tools as the Deluxe just without the Artisan packaging. $24.95







The Deluxe Kit is perfect for gifting and arrives in a Keepsake Handcrafted Folder. $49.95









Note from Crystal:

“When we created this process, I was hoping for a tool to help people release emotional pain. I was hoping for a tool that acted as a ‘bridge’ to help people get over anything from a small but stubborn slight, to a deeply embedded and long held pain. In the end, what we developed fully exceeded my expectations. This is a powerful process. If you have ‘stuff’ that you’re ready to move past, this may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.”

But don’t take my word for it. Read some of the testimonials we have and learn more about the process at:

The Light is Here! Announcement

The winter solstice has arrived! That means that the earth has now reached the point in its orbit when, at least in the northern hemisphere, the days will begin to get longer. The solstice is the day when we begin our journey back to light and because of that, I thought it was a perfect day to make this announcement.

The Very First Bridge Letter Process is Available!

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on the Bridge Letters since 2007. It is a process using letters and interactive visualization designed to help you let go of old emotional hurts. This one is called Apology and Release and it is one of the most beautiful things (apart from my children) that I have ever created. I say that I created it, but it is more accurate to say that it moved through me and that I merely helped it into the world.

If you’ve followed me since the beginning, back in 2003, you’ll know that although I share information regularly, rarely have I ever made a recommendation for you to buy something, maybe never. So I’m hoping that you know that for me to endorse something I have to strongly believe in it.

This Bridge Letter Process is something I strongly believe in. It is a powerful and wonderful healing technique and if you are on a journey of healing or soul seeking, this may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

If you have pain that you can’t let go of, if you have hurts or resentments that you can’t seem to release on your own, if you’re waiting for someone else to recognize that they hurt you before you move past your pain, then I urge you to get this process. If you don’t have any issues you’re struggling with but just suspect that you could use an emotional cleanse, then this process is for you.

For more information, go to the Bridge Letter Kit Page of my website ( If you’d like to give this process as a gift for someone, when you order you will be emailed a gift certificate that you can give to them right away and then the kit itself with follow in the mail.

This is probably the best thing I’ve ever been able to offer people. I hope you check it out and if it feels right for you, I hope you give it a try.

Much love,


Bridge Letters in Closed Beta Testing

Things are moving along!  After months of discussions and preparations, phase one of the Bridge Letters program (a healing concept that was conceived in 2007) is now in Closed Beta Testing.  Basically we’ve sent it out to a select number of participants for trial and feedback, and we’ll keep you updated on how it’s progressing as we gather data!

Bridge Letters Forum


If you’re interested in the upcoming Bridge Letters Program this is the space to watch. Updates and announcements will appear here as well as participant feedback once the program is underway. Check back soon for more details, or if you wish to be alerted by email whenever there is an update on this program, drop us a line at and we’ll add you to the advanced notice list.